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Transforming History - A New York Times Report on Transgender Rights

A reflexão cabe perfeitamente para a realidade brasileira, onde a patologização das identidades e as demandas particulares da população trans também, lamentavelmente, costumam ser invisibilizadas sob o véu das pautas LGB:

"By now, most Americans are probably familiar with the rights movement known by the initials L.G.B.T., but they may have a better sense of the L.G.B. part — lesbian, gay, bisexual. The T, for transgender, has eluded many people. That, however, may be quickly changing with a string of developments in recent years, not the least being the emergence this month of Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender woman who was a public figure for four decades as Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon champion and reality-show personality".

Beyond Caitlyn Jenner Lies a Long Struggle by Transgender People

Sylvia Rivera
Transgender activist and central figure on the LGBT Liberation Movement
Ativista trans e figura central no moderno Movimento LGBT

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